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List of free public proxies, including HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4 and Socks5.
That is free public mixed proxy list that is updated daily. Our list of free proxies is constantly updated so you always get fresh and working proxies. All proxies are thoroughly tested by us and regularly updated for ping, speed and type.

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Gather Proxy Premium Improved V13.4 - Tool Get Proxy Extremely Fast and High Quality

Gather Proxy - NearFile.Com     GATHER PROXY V13.4


Gather Proxy Premium V13.4 is a powerful and easy— to—use application that lets users use servers and proxy. It gives complete information about any cormtry, time, level, and many different things. The great thing is, it doesn't let your network operators track your status.

Moreover, it gives no trace in the Windows files or on a local road. The device is quite manageable to copy any room device and also USB stick.

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"Proxy-daily proxy scraper and checker - v1.0.0.3" 24/7 proxy scraper - continuously provides fresh proxies.

Proxy-daily proxy scraper and checker - v1.0.0.3

Proxy-daily proxy scraper and checker - v1.0.0.3

Use the "Proxy-daily proxy scraper and checker" tool with the following features:

  • Unlimited scraping and checking threads
  • Ability to download fresh proxy sources, which are refreshed daily
  • Ability to create custom export job schedules
"Proxy-daily proxy scraper" will help you to have fresh proxies, always updated 24/7, very suitable for running bot traffic programs using proxies.
Depending on your PC configuration and internet bandwidth, you can set up an unlimited number of threads. All installation operations are easy and simple. The amount of fresh proxy output can be scheduled and in many formats for all needs.

Smart Offers Traffic 1.5: A machine that prints money from CPM advertising services

 Smart Offers Traffic 1.5

Smart Offers Traffic 1.5

Có thể nói, trong số các công cụ Traffic Bots sử dụng socks, http và ssh để tạo traffic, Smart Offers Traffic 1.5 là công cụ xuất sắc và dễ sử dụng nhất.

Đặc biệt với những người thuộc giới MMO, sử dụng Traffic Bots kiếm tiền từ các trang CPM.

Việc thiết đặt để Smart Offers Traffic 1.5 hoạt động cũng không quá phức tạp.